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Claim Jumper Quick Adjust Bungee

in the WORLD!

Does your arm get tired swinging your Explorer, Sovereign, Excalibur, SD2200d, GP Extreme, Whites, Fisher, Garretts? 


SWINGY THINGY™, with Heavy Duty Claim Jumper™
Quick Adjust Bungee

How many more coins, rings, chains, goodies could you be finding if you could hunt all day in comfort ?  The SWINGY THINGY pays for itself !

First, when you are ready to hunt, you're ready to hunt.  You don't want some elaborate contraption that requires you to belt mount your control box, or takes 15 minutes to set up.

The Swingy Thingy is ready to go in less than 30 seconds.  Simply use the suspender like alligator clip and lock it over your left rear pocket if you are right handed.  Don't have on a belt ?  Not a problem, it will lock securely onto your shorts or bathing suit. 

Run the 2 inch wide webbing over the same shoulder as your swinging arm.

Next, run the 1 inch strap under your non-detecting arm, and snap it to the large "D" ring in the middle of your chest.  The 1 inch strap keeps the D ring centered and prevents the wide shoulder strap from falling off of your shoulder.

For you Explorer users the Bungee has been equipped with a PATENTED quick adjust hook that will fit round shafts or even the Explorer's rectangular shaft.  The first time it will be snug getting it on, but that's the way it is supposed to fit so it doesn't slide up and down, or fall off.


The PATENTED Quick Adjust hook is at the heart of the versatility of the Heavy Duty Claim Jumper Bungee.  It allows you to instantaneously adjust the length of the bungee for perfect lift.  

 To readjust "on the go" simply pull the bungee down out of the "V" groove in the Quick Adjust Hook.  Find the proper length that gives you enough lift and tug the bungee back up into the "V" groove.  A perfect length for every detector with every coil in every condition, every time !

ATTENTION SD2000, SD2100, SD2200, GP Extreme and GP 3000 Owners

You say you have a Heavy Duty Bungee ?  I'll bet it works perfect when you are on flat ground, doesn't it ?  You are just happy as a bug in a rug swinging that big ol' 18 inch coil; that is until you have to go up a ridge.  What happens to YOUR bungee as soon as you start uphill ?  It goes slack and now you are carrying all that weight on your arm and shoulder.  You could stop and untighten your bungee and readjust it and retighten it.  I mean it would only take you about 5 minutes right ?  But you don't!  You just muscle that sucker up the hill.  Then you start downhill, and your bungee isn't long enough, so you have to force the bungee to stretch to get the coil to touch the ground.

And you wonder why you feel like you have been run over by a truck at the end of the day ?  That's why you need

The Heavy Duty Claim Jumper Quick Adjust Bungee

Starting up a hill ?  Don't even break stride,
reach down and readjust your bungee instantly !

That's right !  You guys and gals swinging those big Minelab gold machines, swing away in comfort all day long !   No more time consuming readjustment of your bungee to accommodate changing terrain, or a different size coil.

Simply attach the Heavy Claim Jumper Duty Quick Adjust Bungee by snapping the Quick Adjust Hook on below the bungee knuckle on the shaft of your detector.

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