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Sun Ray S-1 Target Probe for Soverign


for the Minelab Sovereign (All versions XS-2a Pro and earlier)

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Accurate "Bulls eye" pinpointing on coin size targets up to 3" deep in all metal mode! 1 1/2" - 2" accurate tone ID in discriminate mode! (NOTE: Greater depth on larger than coin size targets)

Accurate visual ID when used with Sun Ray or Minelab digital meter!

Uses the Sovereign's BBS circuitry to cancel ground effects and reject most hot rocks!

No buzzers or lights necessary. All target responses come directly through your headphones! Makes hand held probes obsolete!

No extra batteries required! 

S-1 probe is 1" X 9" long, comes with a very flexible heavy duty custom 30" straight cable for "tangle free" operation and is submersible.

Probe is detachable from S-1 switch box for direct insertion to Sovereign control housing for stand alone detecting/pinpointing!

Includes 2 S-1  Probe Clips for attaching S-1 probe along side arm rest or upper shaft when not in use!

Ultra Light Weight! The "New" S-1 has a smaller, more compact switch box and weighs 2 1/2 oz less than original S-1. Probe w/cable=7 oz / S-1 switch box=5 oz / overall weight including 2 probe clips=13 oz!

S-1 switch box comes with a short standard length cable and connects directly into your Minelab or Sun Ray meter - Standard Model.

Optional 13" Extended Cable Model available if mounting your Elite or GT control housing under the arm rest w/o a meter. 

Optional 50" switch box extension cable available if hip/chest mounting Elite control housing w/o a meter.

Complete installation & operation instructions included.


No more Empty holes! No more scratched or damaged targets!

Experience a Sun Ray in-line probe on your detector and you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!!



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